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September 08, 2004 110 facts for my viewing public, plus pictures!

In an effort to be completely unoriginal and do nothing creative of any kind, may I present to you a new and improved...


As previously seen here and here.

But now with new facts as well as old! I know you can't wait.

1. My roommate usually leaves the TV turned to Animal Planet when she leaves, so PD the Puppy can watch it while she's gone.

2. My roommate and I have never really had an argument of any kind.

3. We've lived together since January, so that's quite impressive.

4. We have two baby rabbits in the office today.. my co-worker found them in her pasture.

5. Here's a picture of one of the bunnies:

6. I have the song "Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park in my head.

7. I hate shaking hands with people.

8. I feel like I need to wash my hands afterwords.

9. I have hazel eyes.

10. My last name is truly original.. my family are the only people in the world who have it.

11. My dad has done major research on the family tree to confirm this fact.

12. It's Welsh. Like Catherine Zeta-Jones.

13. I asked Christian Slater in a round about way to come to my 12th birthday party, and was surprised and dissapointed when he didn't come.

14. I lived in the same house until I was 17, and since in the almost 8 years since then, I've moved 7 times.

15. I have an extreme, unrelenting hatred of The Spin Doctors and Matchbox 20. Just saying that makes me want to hurl.

16. I hate crickets, and will go out of my way to avoid them.

17. I used to sleep with my eyes open, but I think I've moved on from that.

18. I've had various surgeries, include eye surgery twice, knee surgery, and a liver biopsy.

19. But I've never broken any bones.

20. I want a Ford F150 really really bad.

21. I love tortillas.

22. Last night the clerk at the Movie Trading Company and I had a philosophical discussion on Velvet Revolver.

23. I wanted to have crazy monkey sex with him.

24. He had long hair.

25. I was buying Jersey Girl, because it had commentary from Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith.

26. I'm sad that Jersey Girl didn't do better in theaters.

27. DVD commentaries make me happy.

28. I like Ben Affleck a lot, even if he does remind me of my brother.

29. I live on the third floor of my apartment.

30. It's SUCH a beating, especially walking up the stairs after I've worked out.

31. I hate stairs.

32. My dad's fiance Donna just turned 37.

33. My dad is 60.

34. There is 12 years between me and Donna, and 23 between my dad and Donna.

35. I have a 5 year old future stepbrother.

36. We've been bonding a lot lately. I heart him.

37. I have a stepsister out there somewhere, but I've never met her. I think she's about 15 years older than me.

38. On my birthday in 1999, the world reached the astounding population of 6 Billion. I thought that since it was my birthday, I had some strange cosmic part in that.

39. I hate brussel sprouts. With a passion.

40. I also cried when River Phoenix died. But not when Kurt Cobain died.

41. I love doggies more than people.

42. My brother is gay. He has good taste in guys. And an adorable golden retriever.

43. I used to think I was a big lesbo, but those tendencies have really settled down lately.

44. Especially the past couple of months, because I've been REALLY boy crazy.

45. I still admire a hot chick, though.

46. I wouldn't say no to hot chick action, either.

47. I just don't pursue it anymore, which is a good thing.

48. I think the fall weather has officially started - it's only 81 degrees right now.

49. I LOVE the Fall. I crave it.

50. I'm going to be 25 next month.

51. That terrifies me like you wouldn't believe.

52. My mom wants to have a party for me at the farm.

53. So then I can be around Farm Guy for my birthday.

54. *Drool*

55. Anyway.

56. I am currently obsessed with the show CSI.

57. Last year I was obsessed with the West Wing.

58. I kinda miss being obsessed with the West Wing, but it's on Bravo and I don't get extended cable in my room.

59. I played viola for 7 years. I was never very good at it. In 7th grade, my teacher told me I was musically illiterate. This really pissed my mom off.

60. I wish I never stopped playing viola.. it's really a gift that not everybody has.

61. For the first time ever, I'm going to my mom's for Christmas instead of my Dad's. This will probably make him crazy because he loves Christmas like you wouldn't believe.

62. My baby puppy Charlie is 5 years old.

63. He likes to sit in my lap, even after all these years.

64. He almost died of Parvo. It was scary.

65. These people saved him, and I love them for that.

66. I used to bite my nails a lot, but I've pretty much stopped doing that.

67. My favorite number is 72.

68. My second favorite is 31, because the Guns N' Roses concert I went to was on December 31, 2001.

69. My top five concerts ever go something like this, in order: Guns N Roses in 2001, Velvet Revolver this year, Coldplay in 2003, Bette Midler in 1999, Tom Petty in 1995. Yeah man.

70. My favorite books include The Firm by John Grisham, Pink Slip by Rita Ciresi and Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie. Also included is Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner.

71. The first book with chapters that I ever read was Dawn and the Impossible Three, number 5 in the BSC series.

72.I have loved Axl Rose since I was 11 years old.

73. I have been fascinated by Tom Hanks since the tender age of 8 years old.

74. My mom loves horses.

75. My stepdad bought her one a couple of years ago, and she named it Comanche Moon.

76. 2 years ago I wrote a fantastic novel for Nanowrimo.

77. I lived vicariously through my characters.

78. I wrote a poem yesterday when I was waiting for the gynecologist. I will share that poem with you when I'm finished here.

79. The song Jeremy by Pearl Jam was based on an incident that happened at my high school.

80. I haven't had Dr. Pepper since Saturday.

81. I love going to my dad's farm for many reasons, including the fact that there are many dogs for me to play with.

82. I also like it because I can get back to nature, and that's always good.

83. I especially love the farm when it's raining. It's so beautiful then.

84. I wrote an email to my roommate at 8:30 this morning and she still hasn't responded.

85. It's making me nervous.

86. Want to see a picture of Farm Guy going down a slide?

87. Posting that picture makes me about 40 kinds of paranoid.

88. So if you're going to tell him about it, at least let me know first.

88. Here's a picture of my brother in Vancouver:

89. Enough with the pictures. Sometime soon I'll make a whole picture entry, and everyone can rejoice in the name of the lord.

90. Speaking of the Lord, I haven't been to church in about a month.

91. I burp a lot.

92. I tend to fart a lot when I'm working out. I don't know why.

93. The day I lost my virginity was Bill Clinton's innaugeration day.

94. I had my first orgasm in a movie theater (from oral sex), I've given head in a movie theater, I've had sex in a movie theater, I've lost a bra in a movie theater, the first time I got fingered was in a movie theater, and I've also worked at a movie theater.

95. I used to be obsessed with the movie "Annie". I wanted to go live in an orphanage with all the cool people.

96. There's an actual orphanage that I've always passed on the way to my grandmother's house.

97. I've had a lifelong fascination with that place.

98. I love rainy days. I always have. And I like sun, but I really would rather have rain over sun any day of the week.

99. I bet that's not what the people in Florida would say right now.

100. Technically I should stop here but this is too much fun.

101. I believe in fate.

102. I have been to Canada, where a bee stung me within hours of arriving, and I have been to Tijuana, Mexico, where I bought a $2.50 Cowboy Hat, but I have never been overseas.

103. I am a freak of nature.

104. I love talk radio. I can't get enough of it. I listen to Howard Stern, Loveline, and when they aren't on I am listening to 1310 the Ticket, an AM sports talk station. I've been listening for 5 years and can tell you about every host, their wives, dogs and kids names, where they live, etc. I am a dork like this.

105. I want two kids.

106. I need a boyfriend.

107. Maxim is my favorite magazine.

108. I *gasp* hate football.

109. I like sunglasses.

110. I like my boobs.

110. I will stop now. Please see my new poem below.


This one is called "Fish Fry" and it was written while waiting for the gynecologist.

Dancing in the rain
warm in the sun
watching you from a distance
makes me feel like you're the one.

feelings left unsaid
one sided glances
no idea of what exists
but I'm going to take my chances.

improbable at best
things will surely change
is it for the best?
can we rearrange?

the fire keeps burning
the embers refuse to die
I want to explore the great unknown
someday you won't deny.

hey - I didn't say it was a good poem.

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