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September 14, 2004 Also,

Today should be renamed "Tense Tuesday." It seems like I have to tiptoe around everyone or I will set off some kind of bomb. Everyone is all mad at each other! There's no joking or laughing and it's really sad and it's just no fun. No Fun Tuesday!

First of all, one of the bunnies died. It was really weak and not very happy, so maybe that's a good thing. But it still bothers me!

And my dad had a little fit about my computer. Like I have $1000 up my ass to pay for the motherboard.

And people annoy me. Not just one person, but various people. Stop being annoying, damnit!

It's just all very bad karma-y in here today, and I don't just mean in the office, but like.. in the world.

But in good news, the Benefactor was on last night and it made me happy. I heart Mark Cuban.

And the surviving bunny is starting to lick stuff now. He spent a good amount of time licking my finger a few minutes ago. If that's not good times, I don't know what is.

Also, I wrote my first Friends Fanfic. Good times.

Also, I'm over Farm Guy. I just thought that was important to note.

Also, I'm finally getting my ass to church tonight for a small group. Finally.

Also, for the second time this month, I wrote a "I want to be YOUR intern" email and when they wrote back ("Nothing right now, call us in October"), she added, "Are you related to so and so?" And I'm all, "Yeah, that's my dad." I'm telling you, our last name is weird and it's memorable. I like that. But sometimes I don't.

Also, I can't stop eating.

Also, I haven't talked to Matt since Friday. Not that anyone could possibly care in the slightest, not even me, and possibly not even him.

I would like this day to be over.


a year ago..

"It is, however, nice to know that Johnny Depp is still achingly hot even after he has no eyeballs in his eye sockets. Although I did wake up in the middle of the night because of the whole eyeball-less thing."

two years ago..

"But when I listen to songs like "The Blues" and I hear him singing his heart out in a voice that no one else on this earth possesses, I don't care about his personal life. All I care about is the effect his music has on me, and that's hardcore. Sure, it helps that I've thought he was gorgoues since I was 11 years old and that his long hair and blue eyes and tattoos has influenced my choices in what my standard of attraction is, but hey, who's counting?"

three years..

"Certain people in my life.. well, I think I've overestimated them. I thought things about them, and as time wears on, I was wrong. It's not tearing me apart or anything, but I just see that I was going to make the same mistakes I've made before and then get hurt the same way as in the past. I'm just glad I saw this before anything major happened."

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