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August 26, 2004 I'm almost elderly, fanfic whore, and my other brother Darrell.

Okay, so I went to Barnes and Noble last week and General Tommy Franks was there, signing his new book. I got there too late to get in line (not that I wanted to, but go with me with here), and it made me wonder something. If he was someone else that I really liked and respected, what lengths would I go to to stalk him effectively since I got there too late to get in line for the book signing? What person would possibly inspire me enough to want to wait hours in line for them, or to possibly think of a crafty way to get around the rules to meet them? I mean, as I've said before, I'm not big on the celebrity stalking, but if they were in the vicinity and already meeting people in the first place.. yeah.

So, here is a list of celebrities that would inspire me to stand in line or do whatever I have to to meet them.

1. Axl. Of course. On the day of the GN'R concert we were still on the road and only got to Vegas hours before the concert. But if we were there any earlier, I would have waited in line the whole time just to be able to get a better look at my Axl. He's worth it.

2. Slash and Duff, which I kinda waited for when I waited in line for 4 hours at the Velvet Revolver concert. Slash is my guitar hero! And if I had a bass hero, I guess that would be Duff.

3. Sebastian Bach, the sexiest man on Planet Earth and I don't care what anyone says because it's true! I would stand in line just to get a glimpse of this man.

4. Ann M. Martin - She inspired me to want to write. I don't care how cheesy the BSC might be, it changed my life. Seriously!

5. Other authors - Jennifer Crusie, Jennifer Weiner, Stephen King, Rita Ciresi, and Christopher Pike. I have read practically every single book by all these people, and they have all influenced me in their own subtle ways.

6. Candice Bergan - for Murphy Brown, man! I can't say for sure, but I'm like 65% sure she's who inspired me to go into journalism. Not that that's doing me a damn bit of good right now, but, you know.

7. Claire Danes, Jared Leto, AJ Langer - I will love all these people for the absolutely outstanding job they did on My So Called Life. 10 years later that show still affects me the exact same way it did when I was 14 years old. Fucking 19 episodes! Bastards.

8. Bette Midler - I watched Beaches again the other day, for the first time in many years, and I cried. I cried! Like I didn't know that Barbara Hershey was going to die and leave her daughter to CC. But anyway, Bette rocks. She is a fucking genius. And quite trashy, too.

9. Tom Hanks - just because he's the one who started it all.

10. The entire cast of CSI, just because that show rocks my balls. I'm over the obsession with Billy Petersen, but I still have a weird thing for the show. It's on tonight! Woo.

11. I forgot Tommy Lee Jones. I'd stand in line for him if he got rid of that unibrow he was sporting in The Fugitive.

I know I should have some better idols, like Hillary Clinton or Ghandi or the Dalai Lama or something, but I'm not deep enough for that. Muahahah!


In other news, I can't fucking believe that in less than two months (October 12th, in fact) I will be 25 fucking years old. TWENTY-FIVE! That is a QUARTER of a CENTURY! I haven't been this depressed about a birthday since I turned 20, uhh, five years ago. And that was a serious freak out at that time.. I thought for sure that since I wasn't a teenager, I couldn't read BSC books anymore. That was my biggest worry.

I told Matt about my fears, and he said, "25 is nothing! 26 is worse because now I'm closer to 30!"

We're such a bunch of old farts, I swear. I met this boy when he was barely 19 years old, and now he's talking about being 30. It's all very scary.


Read my fanfic! It's good, I swear. Come on, I know you want to know what happens to the BSC when the reunite after not seeing each other for 10 years. Claudia has a kid! Stacy married Ethan! Logan and.. Kristy?!

I am addicted to fanfic now, I think. I'm pretty sure it's because I'm getting really good feedback and we all know what a feedback whore I am. (hint!) Rock on.


I am witnessing the slow and deliberate implosion of my co-worker today. She was already throwing things across the room before 9 AM, so I knew this would be a long day. The phone keeps ringing and it's always for her, the City of Dallas is giving her shit, and it's just not pretty.

Property management rules!


Is anyone remotely interested in me recapping the VMA's on Sunday like I did last year and the year before? I'll do it if there's any interest. But if not, I'm not going to waste my valuable VMA viewing time. Right.


I had Freebirds today. I'm not lying when I say I could eat it every single day of my life. Mmm, burrito. I even saw my manager from the Austin location last week, and I was all, "Hi! I have to come here because I got addicted when I worked there!" And it was fun time for everyone.


I just made a Newhart joke ("and this is his other brother Darrell"). I am one crafty bitch.


I will try to shut my trap now. I miss Larry the Laptop... "Kenny the computer tech" hasn't "had time" to look at him yet today. Fucker.

Good tidings to us all! And I have to pee.


a year ago... (This is part of that whole fun Ex-Boyfriend Series of last year)

"Ryan - It started out small around November of 1994. I told my friends that I liked this new boy in class. By March, I was obsessed. And even though we never talked in class or anywhere else for that matter, we had a chemistry. I know this sounds so extremely crazy, but it was there. And we would have these intense staring contests that would have me hornier than an elderly nun during class, and it was enough to drive all my friends crazy. They had no idea how I was ever going to get him if I never even talked to him. I didn't know either, but I knew that somehow, this boy was going to be in my life."

"Joseph - But before I could really obsess too much about it, Joseph kissed me. And by gosh, it was the best first kiss I've ever had with anyone, by far. That boy could kiss. That's almost all I remember about him.. he had some talent. But it was just one kiss. And that was that." 3 years ago.. "There is a movie out right now called Bully. A person named Nic Stahl is in that movie. I went to elemantary school with him. To make the long story short (and it is a long story, yes it is), he's a butthole. A bunghole, to be more exact. You might know him better as the boy who befriends Mel Gibson in Man Without A Face. Anyway, I just thought I'd share that."

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