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July 09, 2004 Fanlistings: Miscellaneous crap

Fanlistings:Miscellaneous crap.

Dawn Schafer - She's in the BabySitters Club! She's a california girl and likes to eat tofu and cabbage.

Magazines: Maxim - The king of all men's magazines - I never miss it. It's my favorite!

Metal Edge - For all the latest metal news! Gotta keep up on the metal news.

Nature stuff:

Storms - I love 'em. Storms turn me on. It's just a fact about me.

Sunsets - Sunsets are purty.

Fall - My favorite season

Clouds: I am fascinated by clouds.


Rose - My favorite.


Doggie/Puppy fan - I love my doggies. All of them.

Golden Retrievers - Love 'em.


Dallas - It's my city, what can I say?

Las Vegas - Despite the heat, my most favorite place ever.

Movie theaters: I like them.

Casinos - It's a sickness.


Jennifer Crusie - I've read most of her books about 400 times.

Stephen King - He is the master.


Dr. Pepper - an addiction.

Water - I like it.

Other stuff:

Orgasms - We all enjoy an orgasm every now and then!

BMW's - They are delicious vehicles.

Not listed:

Rita Ciresi

Ann M. Martin

Jennifer Weiner

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