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September 30, 2004 fucking debate!

I already wrote an entry today and believe me, it's a lot more interesting than this one is about to be.

I've watched this stupid debate for 27 minutes now and it's just fucking pissing me off. I mean, as we all know, I'm not really a political person, but man! Kerry is such a buttfuck. He's spending so much more time accusing Bush of crap he's done and not done that he's hardly spending any time telling us what HE is going to do for US!

It's just driving me nuts. I mean, seriously! Who are we supposed to vote for here? I'm starting to see the appeal of Bush, since he's the one who's behaving like someone who gives a shit about our country, unlike Kerry who just wants to spout off hate in the president's direction. Kerry is acting like an immature fuck, and it's making me ashamed to live in a country that only has two stupid choices for a president.

That is all.

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