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2003-08-16 Liz writes about hodgepodges.

A couple of things:

1. I want a new layout. I really don't like this one anymore. And Beautify isn't helping much, either.

Anyone want to make me one? I envision lyrics from Bring Me to Life, with a thunderstormy background, in black. Kinda like this one but not so dark-like because I probably shouldn't be so dark-like anymore. Let me know if you wanna help a sister out.

2. My vacation keeps growing. I was going to leave on like.. Thursday night, but now it's looking like Tuesday night. I'm going to stay there at least until the next Monday because I have a gyno appointment. Yay.

I am happy that I get to spend so much time with Matt and my mom and such, but I feel like I'm neglecting my job search. Not that it's much of a search anyway.

3. I really like the song "Boys of Summer" by the Ataris. I realize it was done by Don Henley first. Actually, I thought it was done by Bryan Adams, but that was Summer of 69. Anyway. I really like that song.

4. I reached level 16 yesterday in Galaga. Galaga is, sadly enough, my favorite video game of all time.

5.I made some awesome fajitas tonight. I just thought you should know.

6. While I was out lying in the sun today, I read "Dogs of Babel." It was the best book ever. So good that I finished all 200+ pages in like.. 2 hours. I suggest it if you're looking for some good reading material.

7. Labor Day is approaching quickly. I met Matt on Labor Day in 1997. So, as a kind of tribute to that, I'm going to start writing about all my ex-boyfriends! Isn't that exciting? I don't know why I'm going to do that, but I just feel like it. Okay? Okay. I'll probably do that later tonight because I'll probably get bored because my DVD player still doesn't work and I'm watching Pretty Woman for about the 768th time.

Rock on.


What was Liz doing a year ago?

"And while we're talking about crop circles, I don't understand certain people's fascination with Joaquin Phoenix. I mean, did you ever see his brother? Do you know extremely gorgoues and talented his brother was? And look at Joaquin! His name isn't even Joaquin, it's friggin Leaf! Yeah, he was a cutiepie in Parenthood, but that's where it ends. He has some kind of weird eyebrows going on. And he isn't that great of an actor. And I questioned the choice of making him Mel Gibson's brother. I mean, that's like a 30 year age difference, right? That just didn't make sense to me.

I didn't mean to talk about little Leaf so much, but I just had to get that off my chest.

You know what sucks? When your heel itches. Because you can try to scratch your heel but it doesn't do much to help, and it's just very frustrating. And also, I have a bandaid on my finger due to that gnarly burn I got from the oven, and it feels like I have a ring on and I want to take the ring off, damnit! Anyway."

What was Liz doing 2 years ago?

"My dorm is kind of a meeting place for the sororities on campus because they don't have a sorority house or whatever in which to meet. So they're having their meetings this week, and the parking lot is full of Honda Civics, Ford Explorers, and Jeep Cherokees, and there's a bunch of girls in faux pajamas all excitedly clutching each other like it's the greatest thing in the world to be in a sorority at the University of North Texas. Well, slap my dick and call me horny! Not that I'm bitter or anything."

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