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July 23, 2004 My week of interviewing hell.

And so ends..

LIZ'S WEEK OF INTERVIEW HELL! *cue sorrowful/horror-like music*

It is a very rare week in which I can get 4 different interviews for 4 different days. But let's not start sucking each other's dicks yet, let me take you through a guided tour through my interview hell:

1. Tuesday, Office Assistant - I didn't go to this one, as highlighted in my last entry. So, it went pretty well.

2. Wednesday, Data Entry position - I got lost and was a few minutes late, but I called to let them know. The chick interviewed me for about 4.5 minutes and said "We'll be in touch."

You would think that for a Data Entry job they would want to test you on the computer and all that crap. Nope! She said, "We don't test people, we just take your word that you can do what you say you can do." Which means that basically the whole thing is based on personality and first impressions, which REALLY doesn't bode well for me. I make quite craptastic first impressions. That's just the way I am! I don't know.

Plus, they were another one of these companys that keep cats around. What's up with that? That is SO not cool. Cats are all allergy-ridden and I would be miserable every single day. Yuck with the cats.

3. Thursday - Marketing/Advertising Internship - Didn't happen. They called me two hours before and said that they ALREADY filled the position. Gee, great. Thanks for that. I think they might have lied because I've actually been there before for a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT position. Fuckers. This is the one, out of all them, that I wanted the most.

4. Friday - Reporter, newspaper in BFE.

Okay, so let's look at this. I graduated a year and a half ago with a degree in Journalism with a concentration in News/Editorial. Which basically means a reporter. So then I get this interview in a town about 45 minutes from Dallas, and I think, "I could probably commute, that's not that big of a deal."

Then this guy from the paper calls and tells me that if I get the job, I'd have to move there. Well, I deflate because of many reasons, the biggest of which is this simple fact: I want to live in Dallas. 100%. Every single day of Austin was spent thinking how much time I had left until I could move back to Dallas, and shit, I fucking loved Austin. So why would I want to move to this crap ass city with no bookstore or gym or whatever I've become accustomed to? Well, to get experience in the field that I have a degree in. The biggest detractor was that they wanted a year long commitment. I just don't see myself doing that.

I drove there today to see what it's like, and wow, the people there are exceptionally nice. They would train me so it doesn't matter that I only have a little A&E reporter experience. I would cover the local government and police beat and I would get to take my own pictures, so I could kinda be all CSI-ed out at crime scenes! Or so I romantically pictured in my head.

But what it comes down to is that I just can't do it. Not only has my desire to become a reporter faded in the year and a half since I graduated, but I just don't want to be 40 miles from Dallas. I just got back here! Plus, I'd have to break my lease and that would be costly. But that's just one lame excuse. I know this is the very definition of "paying my dues", but.. I dunno. It's just not going to happen.

But a person should not even have to think about 4 interviews in one week. It's bad on the self esteem, and now my brain hurts.


In other news, it seems that all is right again in my little CSI world. At least Jorja Fox is back and we can continue with the sexual tension with her and Grissom on the show. George Eads fate is still undetermined, but he was never my favorite character anyway, although he is a Texas boy.

So, that is happy.

I got my Season 1 DVD in the mail on Wednesday and that made me all happy happy fun time. I'm going to watch those this weekend, and then after that, no more! I'll have to wait until September for the Season 4 DVD to come out. Last night's episode on CBS was HOTT.

It's weird how long this obsession keeps going on! I think Billy Petersen might be rising to the top of my obsession list, right up there with Axl and Tom Hanks and Sebastian Bach and Christian Slater! It's been a while since I could add someone new to the obsession list, so I'm happy about that.

Speaking of obsessions, I had a dream about Bette Midler last night. I've been fascinated by her for at least 16 years now, ever since I was 8. The dream involved her being my boss in some kind of way, and me creeping her out by telling her how much I loved her and how I saw her in concert and I have a lot of her movies and that kind of thing. I didn't mean to creep Bette out! I need to work on that.


When I was walking PD the "Yeah, not so much with the pooping" puppy dog today, I actually heard a chick say to her man friend, "I want to go back to my baby's daddy." The man friend didn't seem so happy about that, so I tried to steer PD along so we weren't in the middle of baby mama drama. Very exciting.

And yeah, PD doesn't really poop all that much. It's a cause of concern.


I think it's important to note that I have seemed to lost my taste for donuts. I used to love me some donuts, oh yes, but now, I just don't like them anymore.


I hate the fact that my hair gets all gross if I don't wash it every single day. I had to forego the shower process yesterday because I got a little wrapped up in Howard Stern when he had Michael Moore on the show (or basically George W's worst nightmare). And my hair looked like I hadn't showered in a week. I just thought that was important to mention.


I think that's it for now. I have absolutely nothing to do this weekend, and I guess I'm kinda looking forward to that. But I'm also completely broke since they're paying me next to nothing here, so it looks like me, my new CSI DVD's, and some PB&J are going to settle in together. Greaatt.


a year ago...

"I knew when I first started that I was going to have a hard time catching on, and that I would probably stay back when everyone else moved on. I just hate that. I wish that, for once, I could prove myself wrong. And I have not been able to do that, not at all. And that sucks ass."

2 years ago...

"It's not like I'm saying that your brain is smaller than mine if you like emo. I'm not saything that your mother is a giant orange monkey who wears socks with her sandals just because you like emo. I just don't. I don't understand it, it's too punky for me, and I've never been a punky type of girl. Punky Brewster, I am not. Rock and Roll Brewster, yes. Country Punky, even. I'm Punky Brewster if she listened to Guns N Roses and Garth Brooks at the same time. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?"

Three years..

"I kinda zone out when I'm walking around the track. I could think about the events of the day, but instead I focus on how many laps I'm going to do today. And I look at the other people and spy on their conversations. This one couple that I've seen a few times kind of have a game going on to see how many laps they can do. My boyfriend and I are the total antithesis of that. We have a game going to see how many pieces of pizza we can eat, or who can sleep the longest."

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