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September 07, 2004 Community quick hits!

Man alive, my entries really suck lately! I'm just way too boy crazy all over the place and it's really annoying.

Quick hits:

1. My coworker's country music is annoying today. I hate Kenny Chesney.

2. I saw the Manchurian Candidate yesterday. I have three words for that movie: What.The.Fuck. Seriously! If you can tell me anything about that movie I'll give you a dollar.

In other pop culture news, I was looking forward to the new show Hawaii. Unfortunately I got bored about 20 mintues into it, and that's the end of that.

3. Oh joy, I get to go to the gynecologist today! Nothing like having people mess around with the lady parts. I think I have two more doctor's appointments this week, the eye doctor and the endocrinologist. I haven't seen the eye doctor in ten years, and I will bet all of you $45 that the first words out of his mouth will be "So, how's your mom?" Because that's just how my life is.

4. I need a job.

5. I don't really have anything else of interest to say.

6. I feel like I should talk about Matt right now. I don't know why.. I really don't have a lot to say about him at the moment. He's in Austin doing secret shopping, and he called me last night to get directions somewhere. We're okay at the moment, but just stagnant. Stagnant has been an adjective that describes us for the good majority of our relationship, which should worry me a lot more than it does.

7. Monkey.

8. In obligatory Farm Guy news, I'm still obsessing and it's not pretty. And look! It's my one month Farm Guy obsessing anniversary. That's quite a bit longer than I anticipated, and that means it's offically a sickness. Every time I go to the farm I learn a little bit more about him, and that little bit keeps impressing me, and it's just sad. Like, I know he's 37 cuz I asked him when I was drunk. I know he goes out to eat at least once a day because he gets all lonely out there on the farm by himself. It's just good times. You'd think the way I followed him around like a puppy all day on Saturday would give him some clue, or maybe the way I practically leapt out of my seat when he asked if anyone had Aspirin, and I ran my ass into the house and got it and some water and ran back out to give it to him. I'm such a loser.

If I really want to carry this out, it's going to be a huge challenge, and for some reason that really appeals to me. It's almost like a game. Donna was warning me that he's still going to be dating and such, but that doesn't bother me. I feel like I will prevail in the end! Which only means trouble. For everyone.

Here's a random picture for shits and giggles:

I've bored you enough for one day. Happy 4 day work week! And happy gynecologist.


a year ago...

"I can't handle my liquor, but neither can anyone else, apparently, so we all went back to Sarah's and talked for 2 hours about life in general. Seriously, I am the most judgmental asshole in the world. If we hadn't all sat down and talked about things, I wouldn't have discovered that Christy is capable of saying words like "cock blocking."

2 years..

"So last night I went to yet another high school football game, and I have come to a conclusion: high school girls of today are sluts. Pure and hardcore sluts."

3 years..

"Yesterday I literally sat in class and looked at all the females, and in my mind I was saying, "I'm fatter than her, I'm fatter than her, I'm fatter than her, she's a little fatter than me, oh wow, I'll never ever look like that, blah blah blah."

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