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July 09, 2004 Music fanlistings: songs, albums, singers, bands



Again, these are just the people I'm REALLY passionate about. I could probably spend all day adding to it, but I'll try not to dork myself out too much.

Guns N Roses stuff:

Guns N Roses: Yes. Really. I know you're shocked.


Axl Rose: He is my one and only, and always will be. I think one or two of you might have figured this out by now.

Slash: He is a guitar God. Plus, he sweat on me!

Duff McKagen: In the past 10 years it looks like he's aged about 30, but he can still play bass and that's all that counts.


Use Your Illusion, GN'R - The album that started it all!

Appetite for Destruction: Duh.


1. Don't Cry/GN'R - Favorite song ever. Of all time.

Velvet Revolver Stuff:

Velvet Revolver: Yeah. I saw them live. Amazing. Slash rocks.


Madonna, Something to Remember - "You'll See" just might be the greatest break-up song ever.

Sarah Mclaughlan, Fumbling Towards Ecstacy - So very calming.

Dido - Life For Rent - Just a great album.


Garth Brooks: I just love his stuff. We go way back.


Skid Row: Sebastian Bach is in the top five of sexiest men ever in the world.

Billy Joel - one of the greatest.

Aerosmith: They rock.


Dream on/Aerosmith - I've loved this song since I was 8 years old.

Other stuff:

Rock music - I got all excited about this one because Axl is on their front page. And, you know, rock music RULES, man! *devil horns*

Fanlistings that didn't work/didn't exist:

Sebastian Bach

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