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August 27, 2004 Here's my sign.

Ahhh, it's Friday at work. This, of course, means everyone is on crack.

I am apparently the designated class clown today. As such:

Yeah. The short bus will be taking me home today. It's a long story as to what made everyone laugh at me for a good five minutes, but it has to do with the phone and me being retarded.

So, there's that.

Larry the Laptop has been diagnosed - it's his motherboard. That only costs about oh, $1,000 to fix. I think he still has his warranty, so hopefully we can get that up and running. Poor Larry! And now I'm sure they're going to have to erase the hard drive. There goes my MP3 collection. Hmmph.

In other cluster fuck news, I FINALLY took my car in to get repaired. I should have about 2 months ago when the accident (I got rear ended, totally not my fault for once) happened in the first place, but you know me, I love to procrastinate. If procrastination was a person, I'd marry it.

They gave me a Dodge Neon for a rental car. I hate this stupid car. Maybe I'm used to my little Rav-4 SUV thingie, but it feels like I'm sitting on the ground in this thing! I feel so short.

The high school football team that Matt is all obsessed with starts their season tonight. That means his football weenie is going about 10 times of crazy right now. I wish it was that easy to be happy. 4 whole days of football a week until January makes Matt a happy boy. So simple.

On that note, the scrimmage we went to on Saturday featured a certified little guy! I can't say that I've seen a midget play for a football team before. It was cute! But it looked painful.

I watched the last episode of My So Called Life last night so I could write me some MSCL fanfic later today. I think that's what my new obsession is - Fanfic. I love it. I love using my writing skills and my pop culture whoreness all at once. Why didn't I discover this phenomenon earlier in life?! Check my stuff out if it'll blow your skirt up. And maybe even if it won't!

Speaking of MSCL, I bought a gay magazine yesterday just because Jared Leto was on the cover. Now everyone at the gym thinks I'm a gay male, but that's okay. I disassembled the magazine and now have Jared all over my wall at home. He's just a gorgeous piece of man flesh. But he also reminds me of Ryan, hardcore, because Ryan and Jordan Catalano = virtually the same person.

I miss Ryan. A lot. I want to call him, but I haven't talked to him in almost three years. And I'm so afraid of messing up that whole "he's my guardian angel and if I call him I might fuck that up" thing we have going on.

*sigh* The one that got away.

Anyway! This JUST MIGHT be the most boring entry of all time. All my creative energy is going in to the 3 different fanfics I'm currently in the middle of, so yeah. WOO! Good times.

I just wanted to comment that two years ago, I was starting my last semester at school. The semester that changed everything. It's just weird that I had no clue was about to happen in the next 4 months. Almost kinda sad, really. Anyway.

I'm going to the farm this weekend. Lots of puppy snuggling time, lots of Farm Guy ogling. Should be fun.


a year ago..

Adam - "Now, here comes the sex issue. I wanted to have it. He did not. He promised his parents, after all. But much like a certain gentlemen that I have come to know and love, he wanted some anal sex. Anal sex is something he apparently never promised his parents he wouldn't do. I think that was a big factor in our break-up - I think he wasn't really digging how I was pressuring him for the sex, and I wasn't digging how he wanted anal sex despite not wanting the real thing. Boys, they are confusing."


"I wish I wasn't so jealous of Matt. He really is doing so well with everything right now. He loves his new classes, football season officially starts in 2 days, he has lots of friends and goals and ambitions and a good job and everything like that. I want that, too. But he built it, from the ground up, and sometimes it just seems like I'm really not willing to work that hard. Why do I not possess that particular gene? Everyone else in my family has it."

2 years..

"Aside from that, I hate all my classes. The only happy time I had today was during earth science. My earth science teacher was talking about how we should put our full names on tests because he has a lot of the same last names with people.. he said, "See, I have two Smiths, two Andersons, and three Cox..." We were all quiet for a minute, and then he said, "Wait, that doesn't sound right," and we all erupted in laughter for about 5 minutes. Fun times, I tell ya."

3 years..

"It's little things that make me the happiest lately. It's just such a relief to have someone see you while you're walking to class and call out your name like they're happy to see you. Nothing like that used to happen. Friends are such a relief."

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