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July 13, 2004 I am going to have a panic attack.

Some quick hits:

1. Rawr! I'm so tired of my FUCKING WIERDO obsessions! They take control of me and I'm like, chained to them or something! They last for a month, maximum (with the exception of Axl, of course), and then they go away. I wish I had something else to occupy my mind with instead of some very nice William Petersen full frontal nudity from To Live and Die in LA.

I just can't stand how completely gorgeous this man is. DO YOU HEAR ME?! I literally CAN'T STAND IT! I AM GOING TO HAVE A FUCKING PANIC ATTACK because of his total GORGEOUSNESS!


I am calm. Gorgeous people do not have control over me. I WILL get this job today. Everything is okay.


It's all Christian Slater's fault. I blame it on him. He was the first person I ever had a total balls out, crazy obsessive crush on. I wrote stories about him. I had his picture plastered all over my room. I watched his movies all day long. Pump Up the Volume and Robin Hood were my favorites.

I'm not sure why I do this to myself.. this whole obsessing over a MARRIED celebrity that I have no chance whatsoever with! I mean, what's the point? Why do I waste my time like that?

I'm going to have a panic attack. Right now.

2. In other news, I have an interview today. PLEASE send me good vibes because I really need this job.

I've been slacking so much at my current job, just kinda taking advantage of being the boss's daughter, and it caught up with me. I got the whole "If you can't do this right we're going to have to shitcan you" speech from my boss yesterday. If I can't even ANSWER THE PHONE or DELIVER STUFF properly, it's no wonder I haven't gotten a real job yet. If I get FIRED from my DAD'S COMPANY, there's just.. something wrong. So I need to pick up the pace here. Seriously.

I am going to have a panic attack.

3. I have mosquito bites all over my toes.

4. There's a new radio station in Dallas that I've become addicted to. It's called "Jack FM" and it doesn't really have a format.. I've heard country, 70 and 80's stuff, Kiss, Lenny Kravitz.. I love it. They're all, "We play what we want. Don't tell us what to play." And I love it. It almost does a suitable job of taking the Eagle's place. Poor, dead Eagle.

5. My eyeball looks strange today.

6. I saw Farenheit 9/11 and Anchorman on Sunday. Two very different movies, but both very good.

First of all, Bush sucks and if what Michael Moore says is true, we have to get him the hell out of here before he gets us into even more shit. Second of all, I loved Anchorman. They had this whole anchor guy standoff in the middle, and once Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson made cameos, I knew Ben Stiller would make one too. You know, that whole Starsky & Hutch/Old School group thing. He did show up, and he was once again with the long hair, and I was once again interested. Tim Robbins also made a cameo, which was a little strange, but good.

Anyway. Good movies.

That is all.

Check my obsessive fanlistings for fun times.. I keep adding to them because that's just how exciting I am as a person.

I am going to have a panic attack.

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