baby maybe someday


Forget about the 4 interviews in one week, how about 3 in ONE DAY?!

Tomorrow I have 3 interviews. I'm not even coming in to work because the interviews are at 10, 1, and 3:45. It makes my brain hurt just thinking about it.

I am SOSOSOSO excited about one of the interviews I'm going to.. it's a Marketing Assistant position at the company that owns 4 radio stations (NOT CLEAR CHANNEL! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NOT CLEAR CHANNEL!) in Dallas, including the one that I've listened to nonstop for 5 years now. I REALLYREALLY want that job, for many reasons. But one of the biggest reasons is because it's on the same floor as my favorite radio station! And the interview tomorrow is at the same time as when the guy I've been stalking for 5 years is finished with his show! STALKING RULES!!!


This morning at work I had to call every single one of our tenants to see if they had any leaks after the storm we had last night. I sooo want a job where I don't have to do that. Well, at least a job where I get paid more to do that than I do now, because, you know, I'm getting paid nothing.

After work (I'm leaving a little early because I can do that, I'm the boss's daughter! MUAHAHA!) this is my schedule:

- Go put myself more in debt to buy something to wear to these interviews

- Get my hair cut and brows waxed

- Watch CSI at 8:00 and drool all over my damn self because this obsession refuses to die! (Except for the week when I was in Utah, I have watched at least one episode every single day for almost a month and a half. Is that sick?)

- Freak out because I have three interviews tomorrow.


Anyway. Right now I am having what might be considered a panic attack, or maybe some just hardcore freaking out. So, there you go. I just really really REALLY REALLY hope that one of these jobs will work out.. I need it to. Seriously. I need it. Badly.


Also, it's 76 degrees and raining. My erection continues.

Also, someone came here from searching "Velvet Revolver Axl CSI fan" on Google. It's like they were really just searching for me! I mean, who else matches that description?!


3 years ago...

"I have to focus on the real issues, and thats scary, and I like to avoid that as much as possible. I'm running out of superficial issues to complain about. I can't even really complain about money anymore because I have it. I have to look inside myself and ask myself the hard questions if I'm ever going to get out of this funk I've been in for so long. I know it, Matt knows it, my whole family knows it."

2 years ago...

"I know, I'm just surprised as you. It seems out of character for porn-loving-cussing-up a-storm-Guns-N-Roses-loving-bisexual chick to feel the spirit or whatever it is while in church. But it's there, and as much as I try to deny it, it's gonna stay there."

3 years ago...

"What am I afraid of? I highly doubt that God approves of me writing porn and distributing it on the internet. It has been requested by more than one person that I write more porn. That's not something Jesus would approve of, I think."

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