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July 19, 2004 A weekend thesis, plus turkish perverts.

So, I had a nifty weekend. And, lucky you, I'm going to tell you ALL about it!

I dunno, this weekend was just different from others in the past, and I feel a little squishy inside. So here we go.

On Friday, I went to the farm and proceeded to bond hardcore with my little 5-year-old future stepbrother. He's cute. I helped him look for toads and we watched TV and while we were eating dinner, I called him a buttface and my dad and future stepmother just giggled. I mean, what's the use of being a future stepsister if you can't call your 20 years younger future stepbrother a Buttface?

Donna even ventured to say that I was "good with him."

Now, I've been described with many adjectives in my lifetime, but "good with children" is really not one of them. "Good with puppies", yes. "Porn loving psycho chocolate chip cookie liking Dr. Marten wearing hair metal loving Dr. Pepper addict" maybe, but not good with children. I mean, the extent of experience I have with children is my collection of Baby Sitters Club books. So, I was actually kind of proud of that! Maybe I'm not going to horribly damage my future children.

I also got some good puppy time in. My little man Charlie was totally shaved, even his tail, and he looked really.. strange. I helped to raise the little guy and I like to think that he has my rebellious streak in him, so looking like a little mutant alien didn't make me too happy. He's still my little man, though.

On Saturday I farted around the farm for a while, communicating with all the other doggies (there are 6 dogs at the farm. Imagine my delight.) and doing whatever.

In the afternoon I participated in some Freebirds eating. On the way there, I ran into an old friend, one from the Matchmaker

days (my senior year of high school, basically), and that was pretty cool. I didn't even see her, she was all "Liz! Hey!" And I'm like "Oh! Andria! Hi!" We exchanged numbers and that was really good because hey, another person that I can hang out with! Awesome.

I then went home and after watching a couple of episodes of some CSI that I actually haven't seen yet (GASP!), one Ms. Ali-Kat came over and we had some good pure fun.

If you want a movie that you just want to sit and make fun of the whole time (I mean, what parents leave their 16 year old HOTT daughter at home for the weekend when they go on a trip when they KNOW she has a new, older boyfriend?), yet watch in anticipation of what happens and be slightly horrified by the whole thing, I would suggest Fear, with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg. And William Petersen, who looks quite foxy in this movie, might I add. Ms. Ali-Kat and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

I also tried to make her sit through Young Guns 2, but I realized that it's actually kind of a boring movie. Not for me, of course. For me, this movie has the distinction of having 2 different men in it that I've had seperate obsessions with, 10 years apart. Christian Slater looks REALLY good in this movie, and he's the reason why I loved it in the first place. But William Petersen just looks.. different. He has this weird mustache thingie going on. Still hot, though. Woo Pat Garrett!

On that note, I told Donna and my dad about this fun new obsession I have with him, and they thought I meant the weird guy from L&O Criminal Intent, Vincent D'Onfrio or whatever. We were watching that last night and they were all, "you like THAT guy?" And I was like, "NOOO! The guy on CSI!" And they were relieved because this Vincent person is such a freak. I can't look at him without seeing him as the bug eating alien in Men In Black, anyway.

That was a tangent, and I apologize.

After we did some movie watching and the requisite looking through my photo albums, we went to Chili's. I don't know about this waiter.. either he was hitting on his because he wanted a big tip or because he was just genuinly interested, I don't know. I don't pick up on these things very well. But right off the bat, when I ordered fajitas with extra grilled onions, he said "Well, we won't be kissing tonight, then." I was all.. "Umm, okay, I'll try to restrain myself then." Interesting.

We then drove around and took a little trip down memory lane, and then we saw Spiderman 2. The theater we went too is so completely drenched in Ryan memories (we worked there together, we made out there on many occasions, lalala) that I was almost dissapointed when we didn't run into him there. That theater will always and forever be about Ryan, and that's okay with me. Anyway, I thought the movie was pretty cheesy until the last 30 minutes, when they tied everything up. Good stuff, that.

Also, just so we all know - I have no doubt in my mind that at some point, fate will bring Ryan back into my life. I don't know in what capacity, I don't know when, where, how, or why.. but I know that we aren't done yet. I KNOW this.

Anyway, It was really nice to see Ms. Ali-Kat, as we have known each other for 12 freakin years and shared a huge chunk of teenagehood together. She introduced me to my first boyfriend! I mean, good times!

During the movie, I looked at my phone and saw that Matt called. He was in College Station this weekend, and I wasn't expecting him to call, nor did I care all that much. But I did spend the last part of the movie wondering why he called. When I finally called him back, he said he was in Austin and was wondering if I could give him a good place to eat or whatever. Greeaattt. I did take some comfort in knowing that for him, Austin is always going to remind him of me. Hah for that.

This whole weekend I was kinda happy because I decided that maybe I should just let this whole thing go, maybe we're just not meant to be anymore. So that's probably why, at 1:30 AM on Saturday, I got him off in the most cyber of ways. Lame, I know. But he wanted phone sex and I wasn't about to do that. He's been fascinated by wanting to participate in the phone sex with me going back to the Austin days, but I am just not into that, and so far I've just totally refused to do it. He was all, "In all the stuff we've done together in 7 years, you won't do PHONE SEX?" No, I won't. A girl has to have SOME morals, you know!

Anyway, that was weird.

Yesterday, I went to church. Yes, really. It was okay.. there was a little more singing than I would have liked. I do like that the people at this church are passionate about their beliefs.. two of the speakers were moved to tears while talking to us. We were also depressed to death about a story from the preacher guy about his wife having two miscarriages and then he saw this 16 year old pregnant chick and he was all "WHY GOD WHY!" So, that was fun.

I also got my eyebrows waxed. Not at church. After church. The woman who did it pissed me off pretty much seconds after I met her by asking the inevitable question "Are you tired?" Grar. I don't understand you people and the "Are you tired?" bullshit you inflict upon me. Maybe I should just fucking get eye surgery again. Assholes.

I also watched I, Robot. That was a sincerely awesome movie, and Will Smith is a sincerely awesomely hot man.

I had a good, good weekend. I felt like that chance encounter with Andria was kind of a sign, like "Hey, you're starting to think in the right direction, here's another friend for you." Yeah, that's weird, but it's how I feel. I feel like I am starting the process to get things more on track, and that is definitely a good thing to be happy about.

Might I present a picture for my viewing audience:

That is the One Way sign in which I had my first kiss. It kinda brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

I will shut my big ass mouth now.


2 years ago..

"In a few of my classes, I've learned that males have a refractory period (After they have an orgasm, the time it takes until they can have another orgasm), and women don't. And I just don't believe that! After us women get us some clitoral love, it's a little tender there, and we have to wait a few minutes to get some again, right? I wish men would just shut up about that.. I know we have a refractory period, and they just don't understand!"

3 years..

"Why am I on ICQ? I seem to get a multitude of messages from perverts that live in Turkey. Although it may be the same person from Turkey, but I block him every time he messages me. So it might be one crafty Turkey pervert."

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