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August 21, 2004 Period rumblings and BSC fun

Just a quick update because I'm not so excited about the last entry.

1.I am up at 7:36 on a Saturday morning. There is definitely something wrong with that.

I am at Matt's. Yes, you see that correctly. Two nights in a row spending the night at his house! We're going to a football scrimmage that unfortuantely starts at 8:30, then secret shopping the rest of the day.

I think this is some kind of concession, this two nights in a row at his house. Because starting next week and until quite possibly December, his weekends are going to be filled to capacity with football. This terrifies me and I know I need to find something to do on Friday nights, like volunteer or something. It should be an interesting Fall, I can tell you that.

In other news, I feel the inner rumblings of a very much needed period on the horizon. I haven't had my womanly time in a few months, so that would be good. It would also explain the bizarre behavior that's come over me in the past couple of days. Man, why do us females have to get all stereotypically weird during this time? I'm a textbook case of PMS.. bloating, eating everything in sight, crying at the drop of a hat.. it's not pretty.

Also, I thought I was over the whole Farm Guy thing, but I had a pretty squishy dream about him last night. It had something to do with him quitting the job at my dad's farm and then calling me to tell me about it. There was lots of togetherness and cuddling going on after that, which is just all weird and squishy-like. I'm probably going to the farm next weekend, where I will implement Stage One of seducing Farm Guy, and that's the "Getting Him To Think About Me In Some Way Other Than The 'Boss's Daughter'" stage. This will include lots of cussing, because he thinks of me as some pure little girl apparently. This will also perhaps include inappropriate situational touching. I am deviant, and I'm okay with that.

Who fucking has a football scrimmage at fucking 8:30 in the morning? Well, at least it's 68 degrees and overcast today. The last scrimmage, it was at least 90 degrees before we even got to the stadium. Rawr.

I must take my leave, but I will leave you with a little passage from my newly completed Baby Sitters Club fanfic, "Kristy's Choice." It should be up on by the end of today, but I need to do some extreme editing. It's actually pretty long! 8 pages!

Anyway, here for you is chapter five, because I'm a big dork.

A few hours later, all four of us girls found ourselves at Mary Anne's parent’s farm house. We were all a little buzzed and I knew the moment of truth would be coming soon. I knew they would all want to “share their feelings” before the end of the night. I knew they would all need some kind of closure, so I decided to speed things up a little.

“You guys, I know you’re a little bitter about me moving away, and I just wanted to say that I’m sorry about that. I really didn’t think about anybody’s feelings in advance, and that was really shitty of me. I really am sorry about that.”

All three of them looked at me, dumbfounded. Then Claudia broke out in laughter, and soon Mary Anne and Stacy followed.

“God Kristy, you really haven’t changed, have you?”

“What? I really am sorry… I know you guys must still be pissed at me.”

Stacy snorted.

“Please, Kristy. We all got over that years ago. We were GLAD you got away from your tight ass military-style behavior. Thank God you got away from it!”

“Yeah, Kristy! It’s not like the world revolves around you or something,” Stacy said.

I looked at them in confusion.

“You mean you don’t hold a grudge against me?”

“No way! Is that what you thought all these years? Kristy, it happens. We grew apart. We all moved away, went to school, found jobs and lovers and other interests. It’s not like we could have kept the BSC around forever.”

Ouch. I knew she was right, but it still hurt. If it were up to me, I probably would have tried to keep the BSC going forever.

“I think the better question here is, are you mad at us for leaving?” Stacy said, staring at me.

“Well, yes. You guys ditched the club. I was bitter.” I said.

They all laughed.

“Same old Kristy,” Claudia said. “You might look all fancy and know a little more French than you did before, but you’re still the same.”

I knew she was right. It was something to think about.

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