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September 23, 2004 On being a dork ass.

As usual, I have an assload of things to say. So, here we are.

My opinions...
on tonight!

Tonight is the premiere of CSI! That makes my nipples hard.

Since I just started watching this summer, I've never really watched a new episode of CSI. Tonight is a first! I'm about 10 kinds of excited.

I missed the CSI:NY premiere last night because I felt I needed to work my big ass out. Was it good?

on needing a wife!

Last night I came home from one of the best workouts ever to freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. See, that never happened when I lived alone! I could fire up some milk and fresh cookies without actually having made them! I need a wife to cook for me so that when I get home from things, I can eat it.

Or something.

My roommate rocks.

on getting fired!

I had a moment of paranoia yesterday when my boss and co-worker went into the boss's room and closed the door. Since they've only closed the door maybe once in the four thousand years I've worked here (actually 7 months, but it seems longer), my paranoia grew to crazy levels. And you know, when one gets fired 3 times in one year, one starts to recognize the signs of impending firing. It happens.
I've been doing whatever I'm told lately, you know? I take messages, I call people, I get the mail, whatever. But I don't bother asking if there's anything to do anymore. Because there usually isn't.
So I got my paranoia on, and for the 30 or 45 minutes they were in there, I went nuts. I started planning what I was going to do today if I did get fired.. call all the temp agencies, go to the workforce center, start applying for retail crap. Maybe I should have been fired so I could be more proactive!

But I wasn't. They were talking about something else. And everything is okay now.

on finding another job!

In similiar news, yesterday I found out that I didn't get that proofreading job that I so desperately wanted. I'm starting to wonder how I'm ever going to find another job. I really don't know. I'm at a loss. There's only 3 months left this year and if 2005 comes without a new job, I might have to take out my own eyeballs with a spoon.

I don't understand this whole looking for a job thing. And I'm tired of it. It's a soulless, ego-sucking vaccuum, and I just want to go to a job where I feel like I matter, where I can accomplish things and make people happy. Why is that too much to ask? Seriously?


on once again morphing into the Funny Fat Girl!

I'm trying to go to church more often lately because you know, I don't want to die lonely and alone. I joined a group on Tuesday nights. To "get to know each other" we played that horrid and dreaded "Two truths and a lie" game that I've played about 40 times in my lifetime. I think I need to come up with a different lie, though.. my lie has always been "My favorite band is Matchbox 20!" and everyone always guesses that. I guess I don't much look like a Matchbox 20 kind of girl.

One of my truths was about my dad getting arrested at the circus. I told the story and made everyone laugh, as usual. There I go again.. turning myself into the funny fat girl for a whole new group of people. It's kinda sad, really.

on bunnies!

The bunny has now decided that he's too independent and now that we've saved him and fed him and made him fat, he has no use for us. It's really kinda sad.

on having no obsessions!

Seriously, this has been a pretty obsession-free couple of weeks, ever since I got over the Farm Guy thing. I guess you could say I'm a little "obsessed" with Television Without Pity, as I've only been posting there since July and I have over 250 posts. It's a huge staple of my working day, and I heart my TWoP. But other than that, I don't have anybody I'm currently dreaming about every night, and such like this. I now have all three seasons of CSI on DVD and I'm anxiously anticipating season 4 coming out on my birthday. Yay CSI!


on seriously needing to start a novel!

Ever since I graduated, I've felt like I owe the world a novel about twentysomethings out in the world. Most of the chick-lit I read involve 30+ chicks who already have a job and a serious boyfriend. What about chicks who just graduated and know nothing about the world in general? I think I owe a book like that to the public. I really need to write it. But I'm scared of it.

I could always use November and Nanowrimo to do that, but I want to write my Groupie story for that.

I suck.

on other stuff!

In other news, it seems like the whole dad and Donna situation/crisis has been solved and peace has been restored. That makes me really happy because I think my dad needs Donna and her little boy. They've like.. revitalized him. It's good stuff.

Also, I like porn.

Also, I have great and lasting respect for Kevin Smith. I bought the Clerks 10th Anniversary Edition and just kinda realized what total greatness he is.

That is all.


a year ago...My brother knows this guy from somewhere because apparently all gay people know each other."

2 years...
"You know what sucks? When you're sitting in your first class of the day and you realize that after you took a shower this morning, you forgot to throw away your bloody pad."

3 years..
"Last night I went to Subway and they were out of Turkey! Can you imagine?! They were out of turkey, my favorite choice of deli meats."

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