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August 16, 2004 work place sexual harrasment, hotel nookie, and fanfic!

Argh. I am now finished with the whole Monday Morning Futile Job Search Tired Head situation now, so here we go with fun time diary action.

Let's start backwards!

I know a good majority of you will shake your head and roll your eyes at my weekend activity - roadtrip with Matt! Woohoo!

He is big into secret shopping right now, and as such, we spent much of the weekend doing this in East Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. This shopping mainly consisted of an establishment that I will not name, but you can eat tacos there.

Ever since year 1 of me and Matt, we've been doing road trips. He loves to travel, and he loves to see new stuff. But over the years, our road trips have certainly changed. Due to his secret shopping habits, our trips are practically corporately sponsored these days. What was once a pure and innocent curiosity about places never before seen is now almost completely just a money making venture. It's almost sad, but I guess these things have to evolve like that over the years.

For instance, the directions to our destination used to be hand-written on a stray piece of paper. Now they're all planned out on his Streets and Trips CD Rom, with each twist and turn properly documented. There's not even a chance we'll get lost and see unfamiliar territory. No fun! And the hotels are so much different.. we didn't use to book the hotels days before the trip, we'd always get one when we were ready to go to sleep that night, right? Now we don't even have to pay for hotels. He can just pick one from his extensive secret shopping list and there ya go.. a free hotel.

On one hand, it's nice to have everything paid for. On the other, it seems like the whole point is obscured by the corporate sponsorships. Like.. it's tainted or something.

Anyway, it was fun. We spent some good quality time together, and while it was a little awkward in the beginning (we haven't taken a road trip together since Vegas in December), it got better as the trip wore on. And you know, hotel nookie is better than any other kind of nookie. And man, was it ever! WOO!

Something I've mentioned here before is the fact that we're extreme fat people enablers. Together, we will eat some food on ya. Like, by myself or with others, I might not eat as much as I want. But with him, I am just a fucking pig because damnit, he is too! We both allow each other to let our inner food whores out. And really, that is definitely not a good thing. I ate like such a pig this weekend.. all kinds of tacos, a peanut butter sundae at Braum's, a mexican food experience at this restaurant in Oklahoma yesterday that you'd have to see to believe, and all kinds of other crap. Not pretty.

Now, Friday. Friday was a very interesting intensive conversation day. For instance, at work, everybody was just being totally retarded. It happens with us on Friday's sometimes.. we just go nuts. And in this instance, it seemed to be directed at me.

Work Guy was talking to me about Farm Guy, because they are aquainted and such like this. Work Guy eventually gets around to saying "If I weren't married, I'd date you!" EXACTLY what you want your 38-year-old married redneck who's worked for my dad for 20 years to say to you. It was a little creepy, but instead of like.. ending the conversation, it just got more and more strange and twisted. Like, when I was at the fax machine, I accused him of staring at my ass. Now, if I were to say that on any other day than that particular Friday, that would just have been taboo and wrong. But that day, it was fucking hilarious. I seriously could not stop laughing my ass off the whole time.

It was a little weird this morning as we all sat and pondered Work Guy wanting my hot bod, but then the phone guy came and fixed the phones and we had some Monday morning excitement. Now I can answer the phone again! After a whole month of it being broken! Ahh, administrative assistant bliss.

Fortunately I then left early to go to my Grandmother's to continue the emotional Mom support. My brother was there, and again with the laughing my ass off the entire time. When my brother and my mom and I are together, we just thrive on making each other crack up. My grandmother was just confused.

And then later on that night, we went to dinner with my dad and Donna, and after that, we went to a mexican restaurant to have a drink. You know you're having intense conversations when the waitresses aren't sure if they should interrupt you or not. That happened at both places.

When my brother and mom used to get into their "Let's have a drink and a smoke and talk about life in general" kind of moods, I'd usually go off and do my own thing. But I participated this time, and I really think I gained some perspective on some stuff. Before I moved to Austin and spent so much time with my brother, I used to think he was totally full of shit. Seriously. That was my opinion of him for maybe a full 10 years. But then I figured out that he really DID know what he was talking about, and so now I participate in the bullshit.

One thing we discussed was what we were attracted to in guys. My brother likes guys who come from good families and have good emotional support. I, in fact, do not. I really like boys who come from the wrong side of the tracks, who are all rough and rugged and rebellious and crap, but who have the potential and motivation to do something big with their lives. The exact definition of this is Matt. Lived in a trailer, dropped out of school, adopted, blah blah blah.. now has a Master's Degree, lives in a nice Plano house, a nice car, and makes plenty of money. But he still has that rebellious trailer boy inside him, and I dig that.

I mean, I had a nice and cushy upbringing, I'm not gonna lie. My dad made some money. So it's just kinda weird that I'm so attracted to all the bad boys. Out of maybe the 11 or 12 guys I dated before Matt, only 2 of them came from good family backgrounds, and more than half dropped out of high school. Rawr. Bad Boys.

Anyway, good family times is what I'm saying.

Thanks to all of you who have taken my survey. Really interesting answers up in there, seriously.. I learned that the majority of you really hate Matt! Good to know. Anyway, if you haven't yet, take the survey.

In other news, I have discovered that which is Man! There's a whole shit ton of fanfiction out there! I am particularly intrested in three categories: CSI, BabySittes Club, and My So Called Life. Yes, BSC fanfic! I read some of it.. and some of it is VERY, VERY wrong. I used to write fanfic before I even knew it was.. I would actually take a BSC book, write it like Ann M. Martin did, but make it all perverted and stuff. I was a deviant child.

Also, I need a new obsession. I am currently without one, and that, my friends, is a crime.

I am tired of myself, so there ya go. If you came here from a banner, hi. This is how long most of my entries are. It happens.

To cap this entry off, here is a poem I wrote when I worked at a movie theater with Ryan like, 8 years ago. I like it. And you will too.

The Theater

The ice melts on the floor
the chocolate is too old
I wait patiently until close
Wishing you were here
to make the ice un-melt
and to make the chocolate new again
sweep the popcorn
wipe down the counter
look up at the office to see if she is there
she's there
how could you?
Don't hold my hand
don't tell me you're thinking about me
don't lie.
I thought you knew me better than that.
I hate you as I count the money
because she's there
and I'm not.


a year ago..

"I reached level 16 yesterday in Galaga. Galaga is, sadly enough, my favorite video game of all time."

2 years ago..

"And I'm one of those freaks that gets turned on by getting felt up at the gynecologist. Am I the only one? I can't help it! I'm all nekkid and he's messing around with my parts! Lordy!"

3 years ago..

"My dorm is kind of a meeting place for the sororities on campus because they don't have a sorority house or whatever in which to meet. So they're having their meetings this week, and the parking lot is full of Honda Civics, Ford Explorers, and Jeep Cherokees, and there's a bunch of girls in faux pajamas all excitedly clutching each other like it's the greatest thing in the world to be in a sorority at the University of North Texas. Well, slap my dick and call me horny! Not that I'm bitter or anything."

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