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August 05, 2004 Some quick hits cuz I'm bored.

Hey! Two entries in one day. Haven't done that for a while.

I don't really have anything interesting to say, but here's some quick hits:

* I bought these on Ebay recently:

Mostly because they were $26.00. I don't know about you, but I've never bought Docs for under $100, so that excited me. The only problem was that they look silver to me in the picture, but I think they're actually black. I already have black Docs, so that might have been a little pointless.

But yay cheap Docs!

* I am watching CSI on CBS right now. Man alive do I love me some bearded Billy Petersen. My obsession has slowed WAY WAY down in the past week or so, but it's still totally there.

* PD is driving me fucking nuts. His mommy (my roomate) is playing soccer right now and he's just being a fucking crazy dog. He keeps coming in here and taking things from the floor.. mostly socks, but also a T-shirt, a newspaper, a towel, and Neosporin. He's being a butthole.

* I think I might be just a LITTLE addicted to Freebirds.

* TOTALLY got some excellent nookie action after work today. Lots of orgasmic fun. I'm SURE you wanted to know that.

* I really want an Altima.

* Also, a job.

* That is all.

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