baby maybe someday
September 04, 2004 I think i had too much to drink?!

oh man.. I'm so drunk that I liked awedsde deleated the entry that I was gonna pr[pvoe fpr a;; my fan x our there.

basically what I was gonna say thwas tyhat I'm really drunk cuz I had four galsses of wine and really thats's not a good idea es-pecially when i'm treain yg to impress farm guy.. he's an former alcoholic so I

ms ure she's hn-opt iimpressed by that, tyou know? n ot al t all.

I like him lots though. I know it's not a g odood thing, but I do,

Andf umm..,ymy stepbroyther gave me thjis gibig hug a gew emmminutes ago and it was go so cuyte it amlsmot made me cry.

I really enjoy being drunk. it's fabulouse. don't you thin k?

oh amnd, I'm in toruble tnow. I need tio get ga hold of myself. 4 fglasses of wine!

but what would thjis diary be wtihtout a totally drunkedn entruy oevery now and then?

NOWHERE! That's where. Woo! Cohereant typeing rules.

I think I should stup anot wbecause peiple are preobakly .looking for me. isnt' that sexcieting"?

ehehehhereheh! farm ghuy

garm farm

ohkay. 4 glasses of wine BAGHD! AABD!

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