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July 09, 2004 Fanlistings: Movies, actors, actresses

Fanlistings! How fun!


I could spend hours updating this page here, but these are the most important, the ones I thought that I had to add immediately or my head would explode. So, happy times.

Tom Hanks: My very first crush, when I was 8 years old. He is just rocktastic and I respect him 100%.

River Phoenix: I loved him. A lot. The Thing Called Love, where he sang all those country songs.. *melt*.. I cried when he died.

Bette Midler: She is also someone that I've loved since I was 8 years old. I saw her in concert once.. she made me laugh, she made me cry.. I love her lots.

Claire Danes: She was Angela Chase. I felt like I was Angela Chase. It's just a thing we go through sometimes.

Nick Stahl: Heh heh.

Pauly Shore: A goofy crush I had when I was younger. I recently saw him live, and MAN is he bitter!

Christian Slater: Another old crush that I had. But MAN! This one was BAD. It was like.. a psycho obsession. If I had a car I probably would have driven to California to stalk him.


Pulp Fiction: I mean.. obviously.

Beaches: If you ever want a good cry, just pop some Beaches in.

Big: The movie that started it all!

Ocean's Eleven: This movie makes me horny.

One Crazy Summer: Just because.

Groundhog Day: This movie really made me think about stuff the first time I saw it.

Young Guns 2: Yeah man. I loved this movie to death back in the day.

Bruce Almighty: I saw it three times at the theater.

When Harry Met Sally: Love it. Lots.


John and Kate Brewster/Terminator 3 - So wrong, yet so right.

Leon and Matilda/The Professional - I'm really very excited that Leon and Matilda have a fanlisting. Their relationship breaks my heart! "THIS ONE IS FOR MATILDA!" Oh, man.

Romeo and Juliet - They were meant to be!

Stand By Me - all the friendships - This is just one of the greatest movies ever, and you gotta appreciate all the male relationships going on.

Thelma and Louise - They broke all the rules!

Annie - Quite possibly the greatest movie of all time.

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