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August 25, 2004 no obsessions, no football, and burritos

Hello, beyotches.

I really don't have a very good reason as to why I haven't updated in the past couple of days. I guess I haven't really had anything interesting to say. But hey! That hasn't stopped me before. So here we go.

1. I would like to introduce you to my fun fanfic! I have three whole stories now, and the whole weird Baby Sitters Club reunion is all finished. I also wrote another CSI fanfic because I was bored and I really am trying to get my writing skills back in order. I'm probably not going to really start the award winning novel I'm destined to write until November. Nanowrimo is right around the corner, kids!

Anyway, read it. Tell me what you think. I like positive criticism.

2. So, I spent a good amount of time with Matt last weekend, and really.. it was fun times. On Friday night I just hung out at his house and we ordered pizza and that was really cool. On Saturday we went to a football scrimmage, which really wasn't as bad as I anticipated. It was almost kinda fun, actually.

I miss going to football games. I really do. And now that Matt is Big Mr. Football Writer, he actually gets press passes and shit, and now he's no longer just a spectactor, he's a respected part of the game. So I don't get to go anymore.

It's just a staple of the fall for me, and we all know how much I love me some fall. Finally, the whole winter/summer madness will be over and we will have FALL! YAY!

We also did a good amount of secret shopping on Saturday. Lots of tacos and such. One of the reasons why I enjoy this is because we share the same taste in music, and it's always an adventure to see what's going to be on the radio next. And for the record, for some reason I'm still being pelted with Meatloaf love. Why the sudden resurrgence of Meatloaf? There's also a lot of inappropriate giggling and raunchy conversations. We're some potty mouths.

Excuse me while I go off on a tangent here, but last night I was watching the Friends where Phoebe has an ugly psychiatrist boyfriend and all the rest of the friends hate him, and she was telling him, "They don't see what I see, they don't see how sweet you are, and how romantic, and.." blah blah blah. And I just got to thinking about it, and how true that is with every relationship. Like, the vibes that exist between you and the person you love, the language you speak that nobody else understands but that person, the comfort that wraps you like a blanket and so you almost don't even have to talk at all sometimes.

I am SO COMFORTABLE with Matt. I say things with him that I wouldn't dare say in anybody else's company. Sometimes that's bad, but you know, it's nice to be so entirely comfortable with someone that pretty much ANYTHING goes. You know what I'm talking about? That THING that happens with the person you love? I'm sure you do.

3. The other day, I got all nostalgic for Legend of the Red Dragon, this game I used to play ALL THE TIME when I was big into the BBS scene. You apparently can't play it online, you have to telnet or what not. I used to know how to do that, but my brain has lost a few pounds since then.

I miss my LORD. Silly game!

4. I resurrected my 2002 Nanowrimo story, The Rocket Queens, because I missed it. This is probably the story that I'm most proud of in my life, because I finally got to live my Rock Star dreams through the characters that I wrote about! I really got into writing that one and I think I almost cried when I had to kill a character off. Not to mention it only took me 2 and a half weeks to write it.

Rock on.

5. I love Slaughter. "Fly to the Angels" and "Wild Life" and "Up All Night", I love it all. I used to have the biggest crush on Mark Slaughter and that crazy voice of his.

*sigh* I just love me some hair metal, don't you?

6. Larry the Laptop continues to make my brain hurt. He's going to cost me $200 to fix, if he even is fixable.

But I had a realization. See, Larry continues to teach me things every day.

The realization I had was that I'm the most spoiled/luckiest bastard ever. Because no matter what the hell problem I have, there is a solution. My laptop doesn't work, so I can't bring it to work with me? Okay then. I'll borrow Matt's. Or my roommate's. Or my dad's. I have to pay to fix it? I can put it on my Discover Card and put myself back into the debt I got myself out of when I won some money in the lottery. I need to wash my clothes but don't have any money? Okay, I'll do it at my mom's. Or my dad's. Or at Matt's. Or at the farm.

Whatever it is, there is always a solution. It might not be the best or the most convenient, but it's always, always there. So, like, I should stop freaking out about stuff.

7.I'm going to be at the farm all weekend. Lots of good Farm Guy fun to be had, I'm sure.

When it comes down to it, I'm not sure Operation Not Bossman's Daughter will work in the slightest. Because I probably don't have the balls to do it. And in the long run, is that a relationship I'd really want, or does the whole challenge of it excite my pants?

We'll see, I guess.

8. On that same page, it's really nice to not have any obsessions right now. Don't get me wrong, there's stuff I like. There's a lot of people I would like to track down and stalk (one of our clients, Axl, Zach Braff, this guy I saw at Hastings, Sebastian Bach, Farm Guy, Matt, Billy Petersen), but for now, I am not obsessing over one thing. What will be next? Who knows.

9. Go here and watch the new Velvet Revolver video, "Fall to Pieces." It's a good one. And I have a weird thing for Duff, even though he looks like he's aged about 30 years in the last 10. And I love Slash. We all know that.

10. I could seriously eat Freebirds every day of my life. I try not to take it home anymore because my roomate complains that it stinks up the apartment. It's probably a combination of the onions, roasted garlic, and cilantro that stinks it up. But mmm.. stinky.

My brain is empty now. Woot.


a year ago...

"His mom babysits this little 3 year old boy, and when we went there on Friday, he could not stop playing with this guy. And where I really didn't care much about the boy because I'm just not there yet (I was too busy playing with Spam, the dog), he was just so good with him. I want to marry this guy. I want to be his wife, and I want to raise children with him, and I want to grow old with him. And if that's wrong, well, screw it. I don't think it's wrong. I think it's very, very right."

2 years ago..

"My mom woke me up at 7 this morning so I could go home and get ready for school, and it was so beautiful outside. The sun was rising, but it was also stormy out.. with really loud thunder and big lightening.. I swear, if I had a camera, I would have taken a picture and made it into a layout or something. It was totally gorgoues. *Sigh*"

3 years ago...

"I just know that something greater than us, than humans, controls what happens in our lives, be it God or Fate or Karma or something completely different. I know I may not find what it is in my lifetime, but at least I can learn what works for me."

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