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August 03, 2004 Obsessions of the past and present: Good times!

I am SO BORED. Which happens when I'm at work and I don't even have a working phone to answer. So, here's this list of obsessions that I've been wanting to do for a while now. Let me know if you can tell if I'm missing anything.

I mean, let's face it: I'm a pop culture whore. I don't just like stuff, I get personally involved with it. I've always been like that, and I'm okay with that, and you should be too.


Of course no obsession would be complete without first talking about this fine young upstanding citizen:

Yes indeed, Axl Rose. He has been my one and only ever since my tender age of 11 years old. He had something I identified with at my young age, and I've never managed to get over it. I love his voice, his rebelliousness, and yeah, his looks. I don't care THAT MUCH about his recent weirdo appearances.. he is my Man and always will be.
Some links: FINALLY going to a Guns N Roses concert in Vegas, My love explained, GN'R frustration.

OBSESSION OF THE MONTH: Allows me merge my creative writing skills with my pop culture whoreness. A door has opened! Check out my stuff!


That would, of course, be CSI and the goodness that is Billy Petersen:

It's a good show, and I kept my obsession with it for a good month and a half, which is almost a record for me. It's quickly fading, but I expect a full reinstatement in the Fall when the Season 4 DVD comes out and when Season 5 starts up again.Diary link


Math boy - june/july 2001 - I had a math tutor back in the days of yore with whom I had a massive crush on. He was funny looking, had man boobs and bad teeth, and wasn't really a conventional crush-worthy candidate, but he was awesome at math and for the first time in my life, I actually got a B in the class.

Here is a (very bad) rendition of him:

Russell Crowe - March 2002 - I saw a Beautiful Mind and I was hooked. I was all, "Damn, how come nobody ever told me how hot this man is?!" This one faded as fast as it happened, and while I still think he's attractive, I don't get that ZING that I do with other obsessions of the past.

Elton John - November 2002 - Matt and I went to an Elton John concert in Reno and it was absolutely amazing. For almost a month after that I was on a complete Elton tear. It was good times.

Matt - various times - There have been points in my life where I get a little too caught up in my relationships and I start to obsess over real live people. They don't really tend to appreciate this, and I don't blame them. But trust me, the whole obsessing on Matt thing has been put in storage for a while.

(No picture available due to paranoia.)

The West Wing - October - December 2003 - This was unique because I wasn't crushing on anybody on this show, I just loved it for its fantastic writing and character development. Then I moved and didn't have Bravo and thus ended my total obsession. It's still a good show, though.

Six Feet Under - May-June 2003 - I think what it is about Six Feet Under is the relationship between Nate and Brenda feels so real to me, and for some reason, I can really identify with it. This show continues to suck me in and bend me over the table.

Sex and the City and Friends - Various times - These are two TV shows that come back to me at different times. I love Carrie and I love Rachel, and I want Carrie and Big and Ross and Rachel to all be together forever. I am not ashamed. Well, yes I am.

Velvet Revolver - June 2004 - This band includes former GN'R members Duff, Slash and Matt Sorum. I went to their concert in June of 2004 and was rewarded by standing in the front row AND getting sweat on by most of the people in the band. True greatness.

Coming up next: Obsessions of the past!

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