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July 27, 2004 The one where I subject you to pictures! Muahahaha.

Now, I KNOW all of you are thinking to yourselves, "I really wish Liz would show me some pictures of her big bloated ass swimming in her dad's pool soon!" Well, your wish is my command!

Keep in mind:

1. I haven't owned a bathing suit in oh, 47 years.

2. I am on a DIET, damnit! Well, I have been since yesterday.

Okay then.

I bet you've wondered to yourself, "What does Liz look like before she's about to jump off the diving board?"

"What does Liz look like when she's doing a cannon ball off the diving board?"

"I REALLY am curious to see what Liz looks like when she's going down a slide!"

"What does Liz look like when she's trying to cuddle with Alf the puppy dog?"

"I REALLY want too see a terrifying picture of Liz's bloated face, and maybe add her future 5-year-old stepbrother in there too!"

Anyway, here's a picture of me doing a cartwheel off the diving board:

And here it is after the fact:

And just to remind you of when I'm not half nekkid and when I look almost decent:

Here's a fun picture of Alf and Allie:

And now for an extra bonus picture, this is a picture of a wall in my room in which I'm totally being Fangirl to the max: (I took it with my camera phone, so yeah, it does kinda suck)

See, there's a GN'R poster, a Velvet Revolver poster they were giving away for free at the concert, my ticket to the VR concert, and an autographed picture of Billy Petersen (with Marg Helgenberger) that I bought for a seriously retarded amount of money on Ebay. Cute, right?

I have no idea why I feel comfortable enough to share those pictures with you, but for some reason, I do. I reserve the right to take this entry down at any second due to conflicting self-esteem issues.

That is all.


a year ago...

"So I go from a boy who was telling me all about his 15 boy hot tub orgy to hanging out on Saturday night with Pam, who won't even watch R rated movies because she doesn't want "bad images" in her head. And there's no better way to bond with someone than by bringing them Taco Cabana, making chocolate chip cookies together, playing Monopoly, and watching Adventures in Babysitting."

2 years ago...(I was on an entry writing spree that day, so here's a few things from that)

-"*Sigh* I love me some Axl, I really do. He's weird and he's antisocial and he's driven everybody away, and hey, that's kinda like me! See, we were made for each other! He's still gorgoues! After all these years! And I lurrvve me some Axl! He's an evil genius!

-"Right after Rush, they played DON'T CRY! Oh man, that made me so friggin happy! That video really makes me feel all squishy inside! Playing Don't Cry ALMOST makes up for them playing RUSH!"

-"BB. Lately I've become almost completely sure that he is who I want to marry and have kids with, but I feel like I met him too early in life. I was 17, about to turn 18, and now here I am, 22 years old, not knowing the ups and downs of dating in college, having a relationship with someone who lives 45 minutes away and never comes to visit me."

Three years ago..

"Sooo, remember what I said yesterday about being anonymous? Welll, everyone say hi to Pervert Girl! Hi Pervert Girl! (Insert foot in mouth here). It's always fun to have someone read your diary when you've said some not so nice things about them. But, I digress."

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