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July 09, 2004 Fanlistings: TV

TV fanlistings! Yay.

CSI stuff:CSI - I don't know what happened.. I rented one DVD of season three without ever watching it before, and that was it, I was hooked. I can't help myself! It's an addiction now.


William Petersen: CSI turns me on, and it's not because of all the dead bodies. William Petersen makes me hot, man. Like, seriously. He is a very attractive man. Mrow!


Lady Heather's Box - Grissom digs the S&M scene! Who knew!

Butterflied: I haven't even seen it and I love it already because of the Sara/Grissom angle. I know. It's a sickness.


Gil Grissom - The sexiest supervisor on TV.

Sarah Sidle - She's slightly insane and takes her job just a litttlle too seriously sometimes. Plus, she loves Gil.

Catherine Willows - She's good at what she does, and people respect her. Not my total favorite, but that's okay.

Jim Brass - He makes me giggle.

Warrick - He's a bad ass, occasionally falls in love with junkies, and just rocks in general.

The girls in general - they are tough chicks.


Sarah and Grissom, CSI: I can't help it. Grissom reveals so little of himself, and we all know that Sarah loves him, and they were meant for each other, damnit!

Grissom and Lady Heather - Grissom FINALLY gets some, only to accuse Lady Heather of murder the next day. It's just not right.

Gil and Catherine - I think they look out for each other and just have a really good, honest relationship. I can dig it.

Gil and Nick - some sickos want to think of them in a naughty way. I think they just have an interesting working relationship. Really.


CSI fanatic - well, you know.

CSI fanfiction - I'm giving it a try myself. Sometimes when the writers on the show don't give you what you want, you have to make it up yourself!

Season 2 fan - Season 2 was good.

Friends stuff: Rachel Green - Jennifer Aniston fascinates me. I love Rachel.. I weirdly identify with her.

Janice - She spices things up from time to time. You know you love her.


Ross and Rachel - Come on! It's Ross! And Rachel! I've always wanted them to make it. The Prom Video, man!

Joey and Phoebe - they are cute together, and I kinda like that they didn't end up together.

Rachel and Monica - BFF!


TOW the Prom Video - Ross is Rachel's lobster!

TOW the Morning After - That's some captivating drama right there.

TOW Ross Got High - A Thanksgiving episode that rocked the house. "It tastes like feet!

My So Called Life stuff:


Angela Chase - She had some kind of crazzy effect on me. I heart Angela.

Jordan Catalano - I can't get the picture to work! But I love him. He's baaaddd. And I love the way he leans.

Rayanne Graff - She had her problems, but she loved Angela and probably would die for her.

Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano - They always break my heart. I was Angela. Jordan was my junior high boyfriend. *sigh*

Sex and the City stuff:

Sex and the City - Carrie and Mr. Big sucked me in, I must say. It was just good drama, and I got into that.


Carrie - Out of all the characters, I identified with her the most.


Carrie and Mr. Big - Sex and The City - I was SO glad they ended up together in the end. Aidan was a nice guy but he wanted too much from her!

The girls - I want friends like this.

Six Feet Under stuff:

Six Feet Under - The most depressing show ever in the world. But still great! And with interesting relationships.


The Trip - The trip to Las Vegas where chaos ensues, especially with David getting the butt sex from a homeless-looking guy and getting arrested. I watched it with my mom!


Brenda and Nate - Six Feet Under - I identify with them. They have a lot of issues, and.. yeah.


Nate - He's just a real and believable character. He rocks.

Claire - She steals feet and stuff.

West Wing stuff:

The West Wing - For whatever reason, this show really sucked me in. Like a lot of other shows, I got a bit obsessed and watched the whole first season in like, one week. It's politics at its finest.


Danny and CJ - They were hot in the first season, and it was just a really cute little relationship. But don't fuck with CJ or you will never hear from her again.

Everyone else - the staff has a unique relationship that's fun to see played out on TV.

Other shows:

Blossom - Mayim Bialik is my hero.

Other Characters:

The Golden Girls - I couldn't pick just one, so I picked all of them!

Elliot Stabler - A bad ass.

Murphy Brown - a big inspiration for me in my illustrious journalism career.

Other relationships:

Benson and Stabler, Law and Order SVU - They are a good team!

Dawson, Joey, and Pacey - Dawson's Creek - Just because.

Victor and Nicky, The Young and the Restless - I know this is one you're not exactly expecting from me, but there it is. They are a timeless couple, and they named their kids after themselves! Nick and Vicky! How cool is that!

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